November 7, 2009

hi guys. sry but THIS SITE IS CLOSED. until someone else comes along. sry need 1 more, didnt get, thats allright.
oh well :/

but then again, i uploaded a mixpod on the right, so you guys can listen to songs while you guys are surfing. kewl?? hopefully lolz.




1 more!!

October 31, 2009

hey guys!!! 1 more!!! 1 more wat?? 1 more message!!! 1 more message, and this site is YEAH!!! rite now i hav 9 messages, and we need 1 more, before today midnight!! come on guys!! we can do it!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! whoo!! (lol, sooo hyper rite now!!) lolz

(oh and remember 12:00 midnight EST) and my email is
crazygirljust4you@yahoo.comand while right now, and midnight, i'll try to update music videos. so, check out the "videos" section at some time today!!

bye 'love [expression, =) ] xDD



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oh yeah

October 15, 2009
oh one more thing. the deadline for this 10 emails/messages are 10/31/09. its halloween lol.

and also guys, the ones who maybe already send the email, you can go to "contest" in the upper bar, and work on the new halloween contest. there is information there. the deadline for that is also 10/31/09. sorry for the short notice, i just started 2 days ago.


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hey good day eh?

October 15, 2009

Hello. My name is...well, user is Livlife. Um, well im a normal teen girl, who is just....well, sometimes hyper and sometimes....bored. lol

well, by suprise, i was...um, i guess i will be taking this site from now on. this site is gonna be about mostly, my life, soccer, and other sports, music, games, videos, gossip 'bout life, and A LOT of other stuff!! its just a site for teen girls to visit maybe when they are bored.

but, to get started, i have to do a "poll". if u are interested about thi...

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Hey kiddos

September 26, 2009
hey guys. ourworld, dizzywood, facebook, myspace, random people. HEY!! guys, its syler. i no no, LONG TIME NO TALK!!! lolz

well rite now, im um...well, i guess im playing ourworld all the time lolz. but my best friend is on a trip...so, im kinda bored lol xD

um, well, as u no, elsaworldz says tat she wont take it, and sandy says the same thing.

but, u guys have probably heard enough about this site website krap. no offence to the ones who really care. i mean, i LOVE this site, and its kewl an...
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no more

August 30, 2009

thanks sandy in the TheDizzywoodTimes for convincing people to get the site back on track.

But, I wont be coming back.

this site is closed 4ever.........( maybe), and that means....that PROBABLY closed 4ever

site is probably sandy's. if she wants it

bye guys

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Where are we now?? Remember me....or do u remember US??

August 16, 2009

remember who this is. yep...this is elsaworldz. hey guys...really apperciate if u took the time to read this. quite a pleasure. anyways....WHERE ARE WE NOW???

big question. rite now....me, syler, and chill are on ourworld. we are friends...of course....but im the only one who has elsaworldz as my ourworld character's name. im sorry....but syler and chill didnt put their dizzywood names. we LOVE ourworld!! sorry....to break it to u guys. but its true. so...its august...and we quit around apr...

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hi, starlight here.

May 9, 2009

hi starlight here! you guys don't yet know me, but hopefully you will after a while.

well, elsaworldz & her friends, left me this site, cause they pretty much quit, cause they were too busy in their scheldues to make time for a virtual game named dizzywood, in which they perviously made the site about.

well, i'm sorry, to all those dizzywood fans, because i don't do dizzywood. I have never really tried it, because im not really that into it. Hey, im 16, so, I actually dont do any games at all...

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See you guys!

May 2, 2009

hey guys. me, syler and chillinrazer are here to say....goodbye.

i was about to delete this site, when my phone rang, and me and a friend just ran in talking, until i told her i was about to delete my site. she used to own a HEAVY HEAVY traffic site, until suddenly, someone build another site, and no one visited her site. sad...isnt it?

so, i told her, and she said that maybe i should hand my site to her. her nickname is starlight. and soon, elsaworldz's dizzywood cheats is gonna be starlig...

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April 30, 2009
hey guys. like after a month, i can decide what i'll do next, cause we have this big state test thin going on right now. so, i cant really pay attention to dizzywood or any other game.

again...any ideas?

so, this is probably the last post for like 2 weeks maybe. so, dizzywood, im REALLY SORRY to say this....but dizzywood is REALLY boring for me now. usaually i have missions to catch up to, but right now, all i do is like 1 misson and go play the mystery wheel, and just log off.

not very exict...

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