The little elf that could.


 Tick Tock. Tick Tock. The clock had struck Midnight. Midnight of the day---well actually 10 days away from christmas. Everyone at the North Pole was sleeping, all asleep, snoring in their beds. Well, actually, everyone except a little elf called Almrid. He was a little elf who had been turned into an elf, because he was a little boy who grew up to no-one. So, one christmas, he wished for a gift from Santa. One Gift. To have a guardian. A parent. Someone who would love him and care for him. So, Santa couldn't force anyone to take Almrid, so he transformed him into an elf, and from that day on, he had been a little elf helping in the workshop.

That day, everyone was working hard for all the gifts and presents. But Almrid had been messing around, and secretly playing and horsing around Mrs. Claus's kitchen. But he finally was aware, that Santa was going to check for all the presents and make a station check in everyone single one of the elves. So, Almrid quietly got up from his bed and sneaked outside, and went into the workshop. He worked and worked. But he just needed one thing to make this doll---glue. He looked around everywhere for glue. There was no glue! All the elves had locked up their drawers--where the glue was. So, he thought a home made recipe for glue. Flour and water. That was it!! So, he sneaked into Mrs. Claus's kitchen and got some flour and water, unaware that the bag of flour was leaking. So, he took that in the workshop, and he finally finished the doll. The doll that a girl wanted all the way in South America. He put all the ingredients away, and sneaked back into his bed.

"Ahh...finally some sleep!" Almrid whispered to himself. "Ok everyone wake up! Sunshine's in!!" Mrs. Claus was in the elves' cabin and opening the curtains. "Wake up sleepyhead!! Only 10 more days!" She said to Morie, another elf. Everyone got up, got ready and reported to their stations quickly. Except Almrid. "Oh Almrid come on!! Hun, you gotta work hard these days!" Mrs. Claus said. "I know..." Almrid replied. "Come on..! I got special apple pie for you all after Santa's check today!" Mrs. Claus said hopefully. "Oh ok then!" Almrid said exictedly even though he was very tired.

"Ok everyone! report and work. Santa's gonna be here, and check all of your stations and assignments. And remember guys, apple pie...!" Mrs. Claus said and smiled and went to her kitchen. Santa came in the door,and said "Ho ho ho!! Check today! Ok, then I'm checking...nice. Oh hello...Mrs. Claus..." Santa said and kissed Mrs. Claus on the cheek while she was going to her kitchen. Santa checked and checked, and he got to Almrid. "Well hello there Almrid, how are you today?" he asked. "Mighty fine Santa, and you?" Almrid replied. "Very well indeed, so watcha got there?" Santa said looking at his doll. "Well, it's a a little girl..." Almrid said hopefully. "Well this whole week--is this it?" Santa asked "Um...yes...yes Santa." Almrid replied. "Well Almrid..." Santa started "This is dissapointing. You're an elf. You gotta work hard. If a doll is all you have made then...I guess you have to go help Mrs. Claus with the cookies. I can't afford to lose time in my workshop. I'm sorry." Santa said. "But.."Almrid said. "No buts. Please go to Mrs. Claus now, and Melanie will take your station." Santa said and moved on to another station.

Almrid wasn't suprised. He horsed around all this week, and it resulted in failure. "Well that's what I get." he whispered to himself. He entered the kitchen. "ALMRID!! THERE YOU ARE!! I think you have done this, perhaps maybe?" Mrs. Claus said with an angry tone. "Last night, Jake has observed that all the elves drawers were closed, except ours yesterday night. perhaps you came in here for something..." Mrs Claus said. Lie? Almrid asked himself. No use, they have proof..He said again. "Um, Mrs. Claus, I...I did this, I'm sorry." "yesterday night, I was up and needed some glue. I came in here for some flour and water for some home made remedy for glue, since my glue bottle was out." Almrid said. "Wha?...What in the world, and why, where you here at night?" Mrs. Claus said, calming her sound. "Well, because I needed to makeup one of my assingments. I failed. And now, Santa said I have to work here."Almrid said. "Almrid, I'm sorry but I need you to clean this up and go to your cabin and read a book or something. I can't afford these messes everyday."Mrs. Claus said in a calm voice. "But..But..oh, I'm sorry, but...yea I'm sorry." Almrid said. "Thank You." Mrs. Claus and left to teach the kitchen elves a new recipe.

Almrid cleaned the mess and headed to the elves cabin, and climbed up on his bed. No use. No one trusts me. He said to himself. He sighed and got a book. The little elf that could. jeez...such a classic. He said to himself. He read and fell asleep.

9 days passed. It was the 24th. Tonight was Chrismas eve. Almrid walked to the workshop looking in the window, seeing how much fun all the other elves were having. Laughing and smiling. "HOOOOOOOOO!!!" The alarm. Almrid looked at the horn and it was a symbol that Santa had an emergency. The workshop door opened. All the elves went rushing to Santa's den, including Almrid. "Everyone, thank you all for being here. We have lost something. The midnight stone." Santa said. Everyone gasped'. The midnight stone was the stone that made everyone come true. Santa, the elves, the reindeers, the sleigh...everything. "It's gone, today I looked. Probably the North Wind has tooken it, and it has perhaps flew to Denmark. Without the stone, we will have no Christmas. We have 24 hours..until...we all......dissapear." Santa said. I want everyone to search. Forget the presents. First believe. Second gifts. So, everyone grab a mini sleigh and run all around the world trying to find it. Thank you very much. Me and Mrs. Claus will be here, guarding our beloved North Pole. Now, HURRY!!" Santa said, as all the elves grabed a mini sleigh and went in different directions. Almrid got one, and believed. Denmark? No, most elves would have gone there, and already found it...somewhere else.....He thought. Yes! Canada! perfect! Who knew? Maybe the South Wind kicked in early. He thought and flew to Canada in the mountains of snow.

He went past all the way looking for the stone. Then he saw a blue sparkle from a den. Maybe it was the stone's... So he went in...and "HEY!! THIS IS MY CAVE!! YOU WANNA GET IN? ANSWER THIS RIDDLE:" A big monster popped out of him "I have holes in me, but I absorb a lot of water. What/Who am I?" The monster asked. Holes? The ocean? Nah. A bucket? Nope. A fan? What! A sponge? yeah! Yeah! A sponge. "I am a sponge." Almrid said. "Very good funny boy with pointy ears. You may pass." The monster said. Almrid went in and grabed the stone. "YES!!" He said. He came back out and believed of the North Pole. In an instant he was there. "SANTA!! SANTA!! I FOUND IT!!" Almrid yelled. "OH? Oh Almrid thank you thank you!!!" Santa said and hugged Almrid. Almrid put it in the holder, and believes were in again. All the elves came back. "Thank you Almrid!" Mrs. Claus said.

It was a wonderful Christmas, and Almrid was an elf in the workshop again. He didn't fool around anymore instead he had fun and build.











                                                                                                     Sk8 world        

                                                                by Chillinrazer  ( FYI, BOYS DONT WRITE STORIES, SYLER FORCED ME)                                                 

                                                                                              made on 3/21/09


There is a place called sk8 park in my mind. can u guess what it is? Yep...its Skytown. As you know, my role model is Olivia Kickflip....the master....the keeper of the golden wheels. sk8ing is my passion, and i LOVE it, its the best. i sk8 when im bored, happy, mad, whatever.

so 1 day i was skating my way in skytown, minding my own beeswax then, so of sudden olivia came up to me. "Hey Chill, how's it shredding?" "It's shredding allright, how r u, u fine?" i asked. "ya, im cool just like u, but hey i heard rat wairth has the critters...the homeless critters." "What, what critters?" i asked "The critters....the ones that deliver the golden wheels to me every year. I mean I have to get them replaced, since humans take them, i have to replace them. the critters make them in a secret room in rat wairth, but the rat warith doesn't know. rat wairth has gold behind some doors, and thats how we make the golden wheels" "ohh...o yeah." "right here's the misson...heres a scroll" olivia said

The scroll said:

Find the Forest Ambush in Wildwood Glen.

Find directions to Rat Wairth's liar

Defeat Rat Wairth in ANY game he likes to play

Bring the critters to Skytown and you will be rewarded the GOLDEN WHEELS! ( the last batch)

"well yea, 4 the golden wheels i would love to do it!" "ok, then hurry along, this misson must be done within 4 hours...go go fast" olivia said "ok!" i said and jumped off the bridge..AHHHHHHH!! but i landed safely. wildwood glen, ahh there it is. i found the sign and traveled to wilwood glen. i saw the forest ambush and said "Hello, um im Chillinrazer and I am here for a misson supervised or recommended by Olivia Kickflip in Skytown Skate Park. I am not here to battle, I just need to know where the Rat Wairth Lair is" i said to the ambush in a great majestic voice. "Ahh, very fine tone young man, the rat wairth is right in there, good luck, and please be careful" he told me. I ran over there to the sign and quickly went in. hey, wait a minute, why should i battle him, when i can just turn invisible and get the critters...DUH! i thought in my mind. so i did as my brain said, i turned invisibe and went to a secret room. there were critters everywhere, they were SOO unique.."wow" "hey, who who said that?" a voice said. I figured the rat wairth had figured. there was no easy way, was there?

i battled the rat wairth and killed him straight in the guts and i freed the critters. they magically flew to skytown, so i took the portal and went there. "Chillinrazer, very well indeed, thank you, thank you very much" olivia was there to greet me. "no problem" "well dont go off yet, here are the GOLDEN WHEELS." she put them in my skateboard and boy was i in heaven. holy ---- , WOW!


                                                                                          um.....THE END





                                                                         How dizzywood was made - an imaginatory story

                                                           made by the person who rox your socks off ( majorly) -elsaworldz!!!

                                                                                      made on 3/15/09


Once there was a princess. She was never allowed to cross the town's gates or she would be punished by a ugly headead woman alien kind named Fedusa. if anyone looked at fedusa they would turn into krabby patties and flop on spongebob's stove...YOU DONT WANT THAT!! and then fish would eat you. The princess's name was melanie. Melanie was very clumsy.

so one day melanie wondered how it was like in her small town of Rianey . she like her town, but she wanted to know what was going on outisde. So, after making up her mind, she went on and dressed up as fedusa herself. she quietly sneaked out at nighttime making sure no guards saw her. even if the guards saw her, they would be scared. so she ran and ran out of the gates and ran into a forest. "hello there" melanie shriked 'ahh"! she saw it was a english talking cool! melanie realized that it was Rainey's secret agent's secret weapons. so, she ran, but the owl flew after her. then she cilmed up a tree and hid there for days. she ran again in 3:00 in the night after getting some rest. then she saw a HUGE acre of land. "WOW!" so melanie decided to settle there for days and days. she build a tent, and other awesome things. she discovered a lot of places and named them too:

prestos edge, prestos grove, explorers camp, tanglevine jungle, garden gazebo, breakwater beach, wildwood glen, and others......

one day she met a talking racoon.the racoon begged melanie to let him stay with her since he had no home. melanie was kind hearted so she said "sure". from then on, she called the racoon, Presto. they were great friends, they also met Chanjo, Kat, Quill, Edward, Onca, Yagu...and others. Tehy were a big happy animal-human family. But one day, while everyone was sleeping, they heard rumble! everyone woke up. so, onca and yagu went and saw what it was....oh my gosh, it was FEDUSA!!! onca and yagu wouldn't be turned into krabby patties, since they were ghosts. Melanie mistakely saw Fedusa and was turned into krabby patties....NOOOOO!!!!

all the other people were very sad...but moved on. They build a town named Zoodaloo. then they called it dizzywood.....and from there humans came and once again, human and animals were united by a little place named dizzywood.

                                                                                          THE END

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