~ History of this website~

-is made by, elsaworldz, syler, chill, starlight, livlife, .... *bloggers of the site, message at the bottom *

October 2008- Elsaworldz's dizzywood cheats was made. The site was made to help visitors with a virtual game called dizzywood.

December 2008- The website got a LOT of traffic! They were the busiest people trying to update, update, and update.

January 2009- The site got changed to a blog, with instant updates and a chat room.

March 2009- Barely any traffic. Barely any comments. Visitors just stopped coming. There were a lot of dizzywood sites out there, therefore making the dizzywood site "star" place, more and more competitive each month.

April 2009-  Canal City had opened, and it was fun. But not for non-members, it was BORING! So, elsaworldz, syler, and chillinrazer didn't like their favorite game so much anymore.

May 2009- They decided to quit, since they had very little interest in dizzywood anymore.

May 2, 2009- Starlight's blog, was made. Elsaworldz gave Starlight....


October 2009- to be exact, october 12, 2009, site is handed to livlife. she writes about life, and anything a teen girl would love talking about!! but polls are the ones who count...and determine if livlife will be working on a blog or not.


 *** Bloggers of this site ***

Please do not remove anyones writing/history marking on this page. if there is a grammar mistake, spelling error, whatever, PLEASE DO NOT INTERFER WITH IT!! you may only make changes to your own writing and history marking. This is HIGHLY important, because it marks people who have blogged on this site, marking history of this site.


BELOW IS WORK BY ELSAWORLDZ, SYLER AND CHILLINRAZER. THIS WORK APPLIES TO WWW.DIZZYWOOD.COM , AND THE POWERS THAT A DIZZYWOOD CITIZEN CAN GET ( if there has been any changes, or any added powers, please let us know by emailing to elsaworldz@yahoo.com . ) Thanks.

Powers at dizzywood:



 Levitation-  it levitates you in the air. you can get this power by walking through the two blue magical pillars in tanglevine jungle( by the river).

Invisiblity-  To Obtain Invisibility is to walk through the green magical pillars that are in TangleVine Jungle.

 Zap Power-  The Jaguar Temple is also the place where you retrieve the zap power. You must find two ghost opal idols. and place them in the eyes of the Jaguar Statue , located on the third platform. You can retrieve the first green opal at TangleVine Jungle. There, you will find the blue Genie Ghost; he will give you three tasks in the form of mini games you must play. You obtain the first opal by completing his third task. The second green opal is in the Jaguar Temple, under a pile of rock gravel at the bottom-right. Instead of clicking on the rock pile like you do in Explorers's Camp, you wave your mouse cursor back and forth over the gravel to make it move. Soon you will reveal the second opal idol. Take both opal idols to the big statue in the back and click on it twice to put the idols in the eye sockets. You will get the zap power!


 Ghost Ray -you can obtain ghost ray by going to the genie ghost at tanglevine jungle at the very right of the jungle.


Map of Dizzywood- you can find the map of dizzywood at explorers camp by one of the treasure chests. then you have to go and find the red flag in each of the cities, then only you can teleport whenever you want. The new and updated map has wildwood glen and breakwater beach instead of farthings meadow( removed) and prestos grove. The new dizzywood ALREADY gives you a map that has all the known lands. You just have to find it.

HAIR coloring and styling: if you go to skytown skate park, go to a door by the skate shop, there is a red doorbell, then ameila will answer it. She will ask you which you want to find, her tint brush or her styling comb. her tint brush is playing a game to get the coloring skill, and the styling comb is playing a game to get the styling skill. You play it, then if you pass, you will have to pay her 3000 coins ( for either game), and then only you can get the power. .


Spy Eye: you can obtain spy eye from moving the rocks at explorers camp, once you moved it all, you will get 500 coins and the spy eye  

Guide Power: The guide power can be obtained to go to Canal City and talk to the Pathfinder Official. He will give you a misson, and you have to go to the crystal catacombs. Then once you come back, you can retirieve the power, and have the ability to give people tours throughout dizzywood.





                                              Hope you obtain all the powers, good luck!! 





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