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Hola burrito. lol hey guys. This is livlife. my motto is - its's ur life, you live it. dnt let anyone else live it- anyways, im a hyper/bored girls, at diff. times of course. i dnt play rly any games, just maybe facebook and twitter, but that's it. so, im gonna write about a normal, teen girl's life. how it goes. but, of course 10 emails is the deal. if i get 10 emails that we should start this site, then all rightey, i'll get right to it!! but, if there is not, i cant rly post anything, maybe except the results. anyways, this site is rly kewl too. i mean, it has a lot of history made into it. check out "history" or scroll down to check out people who wrote on this site. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!! wow. but for now, ta ta!!

**oh yeah guys, the deadline is 10/31/09 for all the 10 emails. It's halloween!! good day to remember eh? lol email is **


Starlight --> About me!

Hi! this is Starlight! I'm a normal average teenager girl, who has a site and writes in it probably everyday. i love the color blue, and my favorite snack is orange chicken (, im hungry now!). This is my site, and I talk about school life, home life, my family...etc. This site was orignally belonged to a girl named Elsaworldz, and she wrote things about a game named dizzywood. She quit, handing her site to me, in May 2, 2009. So, yes you can say that my site was "born" on May 2, 2009. I hope you guys enjoy my site...I do it for fun! Happy Surfing my site!! :)


Elsaworldz --> About me!!

Hey. This is Elsaworldz. And i'm the author of this site, along with syler and chill, my two best buds who help me work this site. Something about me is that i luv scary movies and books. They just give me the thoughts, and even though they are scary, they r kewl!! i gotta admit!! my fav. food is probably...hmm...lets see...i guess a chocolate cake? YEP!! i luv chocolate lol. im like that. anyways, this site is about dizzywood, and you can probably find quite a lot of info. on this website about dizzywood.


**Message from Elsaworldz***

Hey guys. I have some...bad news. um,, syler and chill are quitting. chilled words. i know. im sorry guys. there are reasons why. maybe its cuz of canal city? No. maybe cuz its we have no time? kinda...not the main though. "WHAT IS IT" everyone asked. well guys, its the new gold/silver explorer memberships. check it, if you r not a silver member, AT LEAST, you CAN'T EVEN BUY CLOTHES OR FURNITURE!! this is krazy!! rly. so, we got bored, not the site, the game, and dizzywood is out of our fav. game list. we have now gone to ourworld. um..lets see, my name is probably still gonna be elsaworldz, but idk about syler and chill. and this time, i think they r gonna use their real names, but maybe i'll ask them later.

again, sry, guys. we will miss you much. bye, guys!! next up, a girl ( i told u in post) , starlight will be taking over, so starlight, it's all urs. BYE GUYS!! WE WILL MISS YOU A BUNCH!!! LUV YA!!


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** authors note***

plz DO NOT change anyones's about me, even though u r the current author. plz, dont, thats not kewl. it marks history of this site.



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