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                                                                         MUSIC - my tunes darling                                                                                 

here are some music that i like. if u havent heard them, u might wanna just type them in youtube, and hear them!!!

-Down - jay sean ft. lil wayne

- little too late - jojo

- leavin-jesse mccartney

- stranger- hilary duff

- battlefield- jordin sparks

- i gotta feeling -black eyed peas

-its over - jesse mccartney

- leave- jojo

-apologize - timbaland ft. one republic

other music and stuff lol xD its coming......


**added music by livlife**

shut up and drive- rihanna

crush-david archealuta ( sry last name might be spelled wrong)

take you there - sean kingston

papparazzi - lady gaga

headstrong - ashley tisdale

no air - jorfin sparks ft. chris brown

love drunk - boyslikegirls

one time- justin bieber (last name might be spelled wrong, sry)

she wolf-shakira

like that- jojo

thats it from me. livlife.

 oh and ALL the music videos are NOT MY PROPERTY!! there are all from youtube, and the users and provided them.


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Below is work from Elsaworldz, Syler, Chillinrazer. They made posts to help with a virtual game called dizzywood.



NOTICE: Some of this information might be from the old dizzywood.


1. The road to Canal City                                                                                            ( HOPE THIS STUFF HELPS!!)

2. treehouse information

3. walk on air trick

4. breakwater beach freebies

5. garden vine

6. fishing pole7

7. skateboards

8. dizzywood camera locations

9. how to get a dizzywood home

10. how to make a dizzywood website



The Road To Canal City

Silver Explorers are here, and we’re calling upon them to lead an expedition to Canal City! Newly elected Chief Poobah of Dizzywood, Kat de Claw, won with the campaign promise that she would rebuild the road to Canal City. Keeping with her promise, the work to rebuild the road has begun and she’s been scouting the lands for Silver Explorers to be part of the first expedition inside!

Meet New Dizzywood Inhabitants & Shop New Stores!

Some Explorers that already know the lay of the land have already been recruited to join the team, and with much work ahead of us, we’ll soon be needing the aid of other Silver Explorers. Rebuilding this road would mean access to one of the most fantastical areas in Dizzywood that has not seen a visitor in years. Inhabitants of Dizzywood have long dreamed of opening their doors to new patrons and watching the city flourish with new establishments and excitement!

Music, Critters, Food & More!

As a Silver Explorer, you’ll have access to the many riches that lay waiting in the various shops of Canal City. Strange and magical critters await their Silver owners to care for them. Once in Canal City, you’ll sample the once vibrant music scene that had inhabitants staying up to the wee hours of the morning. Funky beats and jams once filled the clubs and streets, and now you’ll be able to experience the same. Host raving dance parties and entertain your friends with great food!

Explorer Parties & New Missions!

There’s no better place to be right now than with your friends in Dizzywood! New experiences await every Explorer, and with the road to Canal City severely damaged and infested with monsters, we’ll need as many Explorers as we can to help rebuild it and clear the area of its horrible creatures. This is no easy mission, and requires only the best Explorers to lead the way! Are you and your friends up to the challenge?

Soon you’ll be able to join the first expedition parties of Silver and Gold Explorers who will be called upon to open the road to Canal City. These fearless explorers will lay the first bricks imprinted with their names, and leave their mark in Dizzywood history!

Keep Updated on the Road to Canal City!

Want to know about all the progress the citizens of Dizzywood are making towards Canal City? You can sign up for our Dizzywood Dispatch, a newsletter that gives you updates on all of the latest news, events, parties and more going on in Dizzywood. It’s a great way to get sneak peeks of what’s going on before anyone else hears about them.

Lots of fun new features are in the works for Silver Explorers, so stay tuned for more details and get excited … the road to Canal City opens soon!

And, be on the lookout for special Silver promotions and items throughout the month of February, accessible to Silver Explorers only.

**From Dizzywood explorers journal- link "Road to Canal City"

Canal City has been opened since February 13, 2009.



TREEHOUSE INFORMATION:                                                                                                             BY SYLER

OK, first to get in the treehouse, you have to have the rope first. There is a lot of rumors about the treehouse rope, here are some very common ones:

1. it is in the magic box
2. it is in a tree
3. it is by a ladder
4. u cant get it

well the answer is "its in a tree"!!!  If you jump on the air grate a few times, you will see that the rope is in a tree to the right . That means that if you look to a tree to the right  when YOU ARE ON THE AIR GRATE( jumping), you should see a rope on top of the tree. Click on it, and it will be in your backpack.  Here are some pictures:
Dizzywood air GrateJump on this air grate a few times!! the tree that is at the very right, has the rope in it.



Dizzywood Rope and Grappling HookThis tree is to the RIGHT  of the air grate.

Then go to Wildwood Glen. Click on the rope and grappling hook in the LOOT area in your backpack and then click on the treehouse. Sometimes it is hard because there is a message in the way so you might need to move around to be able to click on the little treehouse.

Dizzywood Treehouse

Once you get inside you have to cross over the trees to get to the treehouse. It is a special version of the jumper game and is kind of like the game in the Mines. You want to collect as much honeycomb as you can because once you get to the treehouse you can trade the honeycombs.

Dizzywood Jumper Tree House

Ok, if you pass the game, you get in the treehouse which looks like this:

im the girl who is weby, flamster was with me, so i took it cause i thought  its a perfect picture of the treehouse.

ok, um here are some offers that the spy bear offers you.



this is my favorite picture ^^ cause you can buy those glasses!!!!




                                                                        WALK ON AIR

a lot of people question: How do people walk on air, well if you wanna know, this is the right place:

this trick can be used in jaguar temple or skytown skate park:

1) first get your public portal and place it on air.

2) start to walk to your portal, if you go close enough, it will say something like " use name's portal"? Click yes, so instead of going to crystal catocombs or prestos edge, you will go straight to your room.

3) then click on the brown door in your room. When you go outside, you will walk in air!!!

and remember, dont be scared to walk around!!



                                                 BREAKWATER BEACH FREEBIES!!!

OK, I only know 3 breakwater beach freebies, if you know others please email to elsaworldz@yahoo.com!!!! No pictures, sorry!!!

ANYWAYS, the first freebie at the beach is the beach towel. IF you go to the beach clothing tent, beside it you should see a pile of towels. click on the towels, you should get a free beach towel. If you want another towel, you can buy one from the clothing tent for around 500-600 coins.

K, got that?? Hm, just kidding. anyways, the second one is at the surfboard, just ghostray the surf by the crab, and soon you will see a pair of sunglasses. Click on them, and you should get them!! YAY!!

Then of course is the fishing rod, all the information for that is below( scroll down a few times)


                                                                  GARDEN VINE

Just click away at the vine until it grows up the pole and a message pops up.  You will get Allykat t-shirt.  You can do this twice a day.



                                                         FISHING POLE

This a pretty easy one when you are bored, and just wanna have some fun, Just go to Breakwater beach and go in the ocean. If you go far enough in the water, you will see a boat. Ghostray the boat, and you will get a fishing pole. BUT you MUST play a game in order to keep it. The game is really easy, just hook the colorful fish and avoid the black ones, you will play the game until you score 400 points.


Here is a screen-shot of the game you must play to get the rod.this is a screenshot of the game, you need to play in order to keep the rod.




if you are new at dizzywood, then if you walk at prestos grove, you will find a black skull skateboard in front of the mystery wheel. If you click on it, you will find out, unfortunately, it has NO WHEELS(!!!) , so lets get some wheels, so you can cruise the dizzywood way.

oh and some of this information might be in the old dizzywood, we will change it soon. the new skateboard wheel location are below.

the first wheel is at prestos grove:

the second wheel is at prestos edge:

the third wheel is also located at prestos edge:

 the fourth wheel is located at tanglevine jungle: 


here is a list of all the skateboards in dizzywood:


remember: All the skateboards except the zap skateboard and the skull skateboard are to be found at the magic mystery wheel!!










                                                               DIZZYWOOD CAMERA LOCATIONS

There are 3 cameras in dizzywood. They all have different effects and are hidden at certain places throughout dizzywood. These cameras can be used to take pictures of yourself, friends, places..etc. The first camera, and the most basic one is the color camera. The camera can be found in a chest at explorers camp:

the color camera is in the chest, a key is required to open it, so go to prestos grove or prestos edge and somewhere in the grass there should be the key.

The second one is the Dizzy Veeton Fashion Camera. You can take fashion pictures of yourself with it. It is in the box, with the red star on it.  

You can take pictures like these if you have that camera.Fashion Cam Shots








The third camera is the black and white camera. It can be "won" at the Magic Mystery Wheel. ( this is the old mystery wheel, the camera can be found at the new one, this picture will be updated soon)




this post might be only for newbies, so here is some information of how to get a house.

first go to prestos grove, then go in the portal ( at the new dizzywood, all you have to do is go to brooke at click on the big house that says "FURNITURE").

then it will take you to any showroom, dont worry if the beaver( brooke)  is not there, search every showroom until you find her. This is how she looks like:

talk to her, she will ask you for 100 coins. So, if you have that much, go ahead and press ok, then you have your own house. of course, you can buy many many things for your house. look at the above picture^^, all the things around the beaver( brooke logington)  and me can all be brought with dizzywood coins. 

then when you have a home, you will have a "home section" and other things in your backpack:


ok, here is a article about brooke(the beaver) and her comments about wonderful homes : check it out:

Good day Explorers! I’ve closed up shop for a bit today, so I thought I would tour your fabulous dizzywood  homes to see the innovative ways you’ve been sprucing up your spaces!

*Yowza! This home is so vibrant! Just look at it! Everything in this room is carefully placed in its own little space. The area for the critters was just adorable, so miniature! How can you not love tiny things? Fabulous darling, just simply fabuloso!

*Oh my! I can tell you one thing I’d like to do in this home; bounce from mushroom to mushroom! I’ve never in my life seen anything like this, but I must say, it’s starting to grow on me! Very creative my friend.

*I was reminded of an aquarium when I stepped into this extremely tropical home. They must have left their window open because it was rather breezy, with the calming sound of waves coming through. Nice work!

*What modern flavor! The placement of each item is so precise, down to the placement of trinkets in the shelving units. There is definitely pristine taste going on in here! Mmm Hmm. Loving it!

And that concludes my tour. I’ve got lunch I need to eat asap! Remember, I’m only a teleport ride away from your home! Keep the creative juices flowing!

Brooke Lodgington

that was a awesome article , dont you think??? Well, before we conclude your "home post" we have one more thing to show you:

These are dizzywood's most popular wallpapers, they are affordable and they look great in your home:

1. clouds

2. slime and fun

3. galaxy

have fun explorers and make sure you make your house awesome!!!!


                                                     How to make your own dizzywood website

hey its syler here! so, do some of you wanna have your own dizzywood website? Well, I'm sure some of you do! Well, you came to the right place, since you will be learning how to make your own dizzywood site!! YEAH!!

1. Decide what your web host will be. A web host is a program that lets you build your site. There are a lot of web hosts to choose from! There is wordpress, synthasite/yola, blogger, wetpaint.....etc. Search the web and figure which one meets your needs.

2. Decide if you wanna make a domain site or a free site. Domain sites are sites that are something like....www.blahblah.com notice that your web host's name is NOT on there , but free sites are something like.....www.blahblah.wordpress.com or ....www.blahblah.synthasite.com, notice that your web host's name IS there. So, choose if you want to pay.

3. Decide if your site is gonna be a blog site or a webpage site. this site is both. Yep, you can do that!

4. Make pages. Make a Home page, a chat room, a contest page, videos, about me....whatever. Fill in details. Welcome guests with a warm greeting.

5. Update every week, or if possible every day. People want the latest news!!

6. Advertise. Advertise on youtube, google, yahoo...or major search engines. Or, you can also start simple advertising by just advertising on your friends' sites .....if they allow you to.

7. Keep up with your site, and answer people's comments. Make a email address so people can ask you private questions...

Good luck!!


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