Hey guys. Livlife here. This is the Halloween Contest. What this time you are doing, is kinda like the April Contest. A bit diff....its MUCH scarier!!

anyways, these are your choices. read them, and i will explain what to do after that.

1st choice- take a picture in dizzywood, ourworld, pixieworld, cartoon network, disney channel, nick....whatever. just take a hallooween picture and send it to us. you can also draw a picture in paint and send it to us. One thing i must clear out is that, lets say you have a normal picture of a character in a game, doing..something,for example walking around the river. you can put it on paint and make it scary and then send the pic. , i dnt care, either way it works.

2nd choice- write a story. you can write a scary story and email it to me.

the email is crazygirljust4you@yahoo.com .

Deadline is 10/31/09.





ok, give you some backup. The last week of march contest's deadline is 3/27/09. So, today is 3/25/09, so you have 2 more days to sumbit your pic of you and your friends enjoying the 1st week of spring.

ok, now to the real idea. It's almost April! but, we r awesome peeps, so we will give you extra 6 days to work on April's contest!! ok, so April is a month of flowers, and spring , sunshine, and SPRING BREAK!! yeah!! ok you all have 2 choices. check them out below:

1st choice- send us a picture of YOU gardening in garden gazebo to celebrate the flowers and spring in the air.  Some ideas are like, diff. plants, a pic of you growing a plant, showing your whole plant collection etc.)

2nd choice - send us a picture of YOU ( and your buddies if you wish) chilling out in spring break. Some ideas are like, hanging out in the beach, swimming, buying stuff..whatever,,,i mean etc. )

the deadline of this contest as not yet been decided. but its somewhere to the end of april. we will be accepting new pics from either from choice 1 or choice 2, from now ( 3/25/09) to the deadline( which we will soon inform) .

email pics at elsaworldz@yahoo.com , put "April Contest" in the subject box. OR just update them below in our iphone comment box!!

thanks guys.




Last week of March Contest!

ok this is new, so this is probably the one contest that is weekly. Starting April, there is a MONTH contest. So, that means people who enter get the WHOLE month of April to work on the contest idea/question.

Ok, so, what YOU have to do is sent us a picture of YOU & your buddies enjoying the 1st week of spring! 

Where do I take the picture: DIZZYWOOD! 

Where do I send the picture: The picture you want to submit has to be send to elsaworldz@yahoo.com .

\When is the deadline : The deadline is 3/27/09.

Reward: A story written by elsaworldz, syler, or chillinrazer AND dizzywood character gets to be VIP of the week


If you need some ideas, check out the explorer's journal entry below! But, you can do other things beside what they list!


First Day of Spring in Dizzywood

by The Dizzywood Team on March 20, 2009

It’s always a beautiful day in Dizzywood, and with today marking the first day of Spring, it’s time to get your hats and sunglasses on, and have some fun with your buddies!

Here’s how the Dizzy Team likes to spend their Spring time in Dizzywood:

How are you going to spend your Spring time in Dizzywood? We’d love to hear! Don’t forget to use your Dizzy Cameras to capture all the fun moments with your friends. If you’d like to share your Spring time pictures with us, send them to:


Your friends are waiting for you, so head on to Dizzywood now to continue your adventure!


elsaworldz- FROM DIZZYWOOD EXPLORER'S JOURNAL  also, dont forget to submit your picture to dizzywood too!

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