hey guys. me, syler and chillinrazer are here to say....goodbye.

i was about to delete this site, when my phone rang, and me and a friend just ran in talking, until i told her i was about to delete my site. she used to own a HEAVY HEAVY traffic site, until suddenly, someone build another site, and no one visited her site. sad...isnt it?

so, i told her, and she said that maybe i should hand my site to her. her nickname is starlight. and soon, elsaworldz's dizzywood cheats is gonna be starlight's blog.

starlight is a wonderful girl, but she does not do dizzywood, ourworld, and whatever. she does her life. that means that she writes about her school life, her crushes, and....her life! so, sorry if ur a big dizzywood fan! there are some other amazing sites like frostys, secretnotes.....other peoples.....

so, bye, guys from elsaworldz, syler and chillinrazer. again, starlight is amazing...and she MIGHT do maybe ONE page about dizzywood.

the reason why we 3 quit, is cuz we are basically tired of doing nothing in dizzywood, cuz we are not members. sorry guys! we also think we should concentrate more on our studies. and also, people are like "just quit, its ok" or " do wat you want" or stuff like that. yea well, thats kinda hard, cuz u leave behind a year worth of posts and hard work, so you kinda feel sad about it, but it feels better when you have someone trustworthy that can take care of your site, which is a really once in a while opportunity.

bye guys! no more posts from any of us. starlight...this is ALL yours. we will miss you all. if we have new sites coming in, starlight will probably tell you about it.

:*(   bye.