hi starlight here! you guys don't yet know me, but hopefully you will after a while.

well, elsaworldz & her friends, left me this site, cause they pretty much quit, cause they were too busy in their scheldues to make time for a virtual game named dizzywood, in which they perviously made the site about.

well, i'm sorry, to all those dizzywood fans, because i don't do dizzywood. I have never really tried it, because im not really that into it. Hey, im 16, so, I actually dont do any games at all. Since, I have all honors classes, im very busy throughout the week ( and weekends!). But, one of the big things I love to do, is to write...write about my life!

when i say that, I mean like school life, home life, family, and yes....love life. It's like you in my shoes, because i will tell you probably every inch of what happened each and every day. If, i dont write for a day or two, its probably because i stayed up until midnight, doing homework or a project.

you can comment below of this page, and happy surfing my website!

bye. XOXO starlight