Hello. My name is...well, user is Livlife. Um, well im a normal teen girl, who is just....well, sometimes hyper and sometimes....bored. lol

well, by suprise, i was...um, i guess i will be taking this site from now on. this site is gonna be about mostly, my life, soccer, and other sports, music, games, videos, gossip 'bout life, and A LOT of other stuff!! its just a site for teen girls to visit maybe when they are bored.

but, to get started, i have to do a "poll". if u are interested about this site, and are curious to know about this site, please give a short email to crazygirljust4you@yahoo.com, and tell me if you are interested. My goal right now, is 10 messages. 10 messages/emails, and this website will get started, if not, that's ok, this site...will...be...fine.

and, please be noticed, that it is okay, if you lose interest in this site later on. My thing is that, if you are interested about knowing how the site will be, how interesting it will, out of curiousity, then please send an email.

again, here are the topics of this site:

- videos ( music, or just funny videos )
- gossip ( what's goin on?)
- games ( arcade, fun, whatever, just to cut you some time!)
-sports ( how's team practice goin?)
- Crush ( whats up girl?)
-gold ...will be explained.

gold is just a term i like to use for YOU GUYS to give us a topic to write about, or a video to put on this site, heard any kewl music lately? ANYTHING!! if you know anything that will entertain people like u, then just send it to crazygirljust4you@yahoo.com !! its simple as 1 2 3

1. know ur video, topic, music....etc.
2. check if its apporiate. ( please no innaporiate videos!!)
3. if #2 is passed, send it over to crazygirljust4you@yahoocom


-Live life just the way you want to live life. it's your life, you live it, dont let anyone else liv it for you!!-