hey guys. ourworld, dizzywood, facebook, myspace, random people. HEY!! guys, its syler. i no no, LONG TIME NO TALK!!! lolz

well rite now, im um...well, i guess im playing ourworld all the time lolz. but my best friend is on a trip...so, im kinda bored lol xD

um, well, as u no, elsaworldz says tat she wont take it, and sandy says the same thing.

but, u guys have probably heard enough about this site website krap. no offence to the ones who really care. i mean, i LOVE this site, and its kewl and all, but we kinda left it like a year ago....keep moving forward guys. again....hopefully none taken.

im sry guys, its just that like every week i come on here, i see stuff about this site being closed, sandy talking about the site( BTW, NICE post Sandy!!) and all that. but then again, we....well, we....move forward.

oh krap, now im talking about it. lolz. well im a little different than elsaworldz. shes a little more serious,,,,and im kinda hyper rite now.

um, well me, her, and chill are rite now playing ourworld. um..of course, elsaworldz's name is elsaworldz. but um, mine and chill, we kinda wnat to be private...SRY!! :( its just that 2 much comments get it SRY !!

wow, this is along post, so if u wanna go...JUST GO!! lolz im gonna keep on writing.

sooooo, *Dr.Phil's face* How's your life?? *normal face* lolz. So, seriously how was ur day?? well, um mine was great, thnx for asking!! lolz xD IM SOOOOOOO hyper rite now.

tallkkkk. talk to me boiii!!! OR GIRL!! lolz sry!! well umla la la la *in wonderland*, ummmm, well its a good old friday, awesome awesome friday. OH OH