We’re thrilled to announce our new Gold Explorer membership! As a Gold Explorer you’ll get all kinds of cool new features, such as:

  • New Mansion homes. These mansions will be multi-room, meaning you can add a kitchen, a dressing room, even a dance floor to your home. Plus every mansion comes with an indoor foyer and an outdoor grounds.
  • A new power called Fashion Sense. With Fashion Sense you can look at the clothing in your friend’s backpack and create a nifty new outfit for them.
  • Special missions that are only available to Gold Explorers.
  • A message device you can use to chat with your friends, no matter what server they’re on.
  • Status message under your buddy name so you can let people know you’re happy, sad, or whatever you want.
  • Exclusive clothing items that are only available to Gold Explorers, like a royal crown or a funky retro airship pilot’s cap with goggles.

That’s just the start. Cool new Gold Explorer stuff will get added all the time. To become a Gold Explorer, just click on the “Upgrade to Gold” buttonat any time.