Sometime last week Explorers were beginning to discover something strange and exciting in Dizzywood. Not one of them was speaking up to what they had seen.

Days after the announcement of this unexplained new finding we caught up with one of the Explorers and finally got some word of what’s going on. What follows is one account from dozens of Explorers that was willing to go on record with their story:

DW: Good day young explorer! We appreciate your willingness to come out with your story. Might you be able to spare a few moments to share your experience with the rest of us?

Anonymous Explorer: Why am I the only one speaking out about this? It’s nothing to be frightened of to tell you the truth. We were all exploring the interior of one of our homes. I happened to be admiring the colorful wallpaper on my buddies walls. That’s all. 

DW: That’s all? What’s all? We’re sorry, but that doesn’t give our listeners anything to go on. 

Anonymous Explorer: Well, alright. If you must know. I was the first one to notice it from our group. I saw it fromthe corner of my eye. I walked up to it slowly, making sure not to let it out of my sight. Everyone warned me not to touch it, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to see what would happen if I walked through it. 

That was the extent of our interview. I guess you’ll all have to find out what this mystery is on your own!