hey. ok, u c this friday is PACKED 4 me, syler, and chill. cause, we get spring break! and, hey i kinda wanna enjoy my spring break. so, i saw i had time 2day, and i figured i go ahead and update this blog!

Some of u might be wondering about the contest...well no worries. I wrote that the deadline is march 27th , and yep its gonna stay like that. so, you CAN sumbit your pics by march 27th.

IF there are any updates in this thursday or friday, then i might make a little blog about the updated news. but majorly...so again in dizzywood you have CANAL CITY!! yea!

dizzywood is still giving time for explorers to explore a little more, so thats probably why there are no new missons.

i think thats suprisingly it.

wow, that was short.

oh yea, um chill is gonna host this month's contest, and he is gonna go ahead and post it today. you have ALL of April to work on it. um the deadline is not decided yet, but dont worry, we will inform you, when we decide it.

allright, well later