Hey guys! I know...it says it's Thrusday, but it's Friday here. I have to complain to my site manager about that...


What's new at dizzywood?

There are maybe 3 new explorers journal entries you might wanna check out.

One is about displaying badges in your home.

Ok, so you have to buy pillars from the furniture store and then you can show off your shiny colorful badges to your friends! I think the pillars are in a pretty good deal...

The other one is about strange object and yes the picture was a pic of a disc...a CD recorder to be exact. So, a new record shop opened at Skytown, so you guys can go and buy there! You can buy CDs but you have to have CD player first. CD players cost $800 ( $ = dizzywood coins) and you can buy CDs for around 599 dizzywood coins.

Here are some pictures:

The record shop ^^^

Some music in your backpack ^^

All pictures are from Dizzywood Explorers Journal! 

And Canal City is clearing up so YAY!!


Video Contest winners have been declared!

Random ?

The random question of the week is the following:

A cowboy rides in town in Friday. He stays for 3 days. He left on Friday. How did he do it?

The moment when I post this post, the clock begins. Whoever emails me FIRST and has the correct answer will be VIP of the week and their picture will be on the front page!

Email all your answers to elsaworldz@yahoo.com . You will know who won in Friday, March 6, 2009.

Allright, thanks guys!


Information from this post was from Dizzywood Explorers's journal, Ourworld Blog, and iCarly.