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ok, this is a wonderful update----respect the update ( LOL)


Ok, so this Friday is a really cool day here at dizzywood. For silver and gold explorers, the fun of canal city begins TODAY ( March 13th, 2009) at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight time! All this hard work is finally paid off!!

But, to all those who are non-gold or non-silver explorers, then hey no worries. To you guys, canal city will be open March 16th, 2009. Just 3 more days.....not too shabby.


** you can find more information about canal city at dizzywood explorer's journal.

Ok, so you have heard....me and syler are making a youtube video. yes, a youtube video JUST for the grand opening of canal city! Be sure to check it out on youtube on about March 17th-18th . Just put elsaworldz in the search margin.

So, I hope I will be seeing any of you guys at dizzywood at canal city!!


You have some new clothes in Threads, you might wanna check out.

That's it....aww.....

Random  ?

Hey guys, last week's question's answer was: Billy's Burgers

( too lazy to write the question...sry)

This week's random ?

A pink house is made out of pink bricks. A red house is made out of red bricks. An orange house is made out of orange bricks. What is a green house made out of??

A. Green Bricks ------DUH!

B. Plastic

C. Glass

D. Straw---three little pigs...la la la

All YOU have to do is email me at
elsaworldz@yahoo.comtelling me what the answer is. Is it A, B, C, or D? Your choice. All the right answer people will be in a box, and the name which gets called out, will be VIP of the week. More information will be on the email, if you are VIP of the week.

Anyways, the poll for voting for Chill's secret gift is going to be in "powers" ( can be found in the page option bar above) . Vote Vote Vote! You can vote until next friday ( march, 20, 2009) !!

Allright thanks guys!

elsaworldz ~ you better have my worldz in your
world~ ( LOL)