A little about me- Syler

Hey, I'm syler( but hey thats my nickname), though my real name is stacy. In dizzywood I mostly hang out with elsaworldz, since she is by best bud. I'm a preppy girl and at the same time, I'm a neat freak. You see, I cheer for elsaworldz while she is playing basketball matches. She is the captain of the girls basketball team, while I am the captain( head cheerleader) of my cheer squad( there is a difference between captain and coach). So um, you will be hearing hopefully this week and the week after that.

thanks, and um...enjoy this site.

Just a little note

ok, um guys, I do not like to handle spam. I mean, elsaworldz does it fine, she does not erupt her head off with spam, but unfortuneatly( bad speller, I know) I totally hate handling spam. So my whole point is that, please keep spam in the "journal" section of this site. I would greatly apperciate that. Plus, it helps people who want to get to some answers right away instead of looking through spam all the time



Vacation Spot Girl

hey guys, I am really busy this week...so I can't really post this week and the week after. Luckily, Syler( my best bud) is gonna fill in for me this week and next week. She is gonna post things that I would normally post...you know...daily events, missons, journal entries...etc. I'll be back, but until then Syler is the worker.



oh, almost forgot!! This is syler....i wanted you to see her and know her:

we are best friends!!