Spring Break Theme Party TOMORROW!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Friday, April 3, 2009
Hey elsaworldz here. ok, as you know today is Friday the 3rd of April. The party is scheldued for April 4th....WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!  me, syler and chill are all VERY EXICTED!! 

i hope you guys can make it!! anyways here is the stuff ( again) from the last post, to clear up any misunderstandings. here is the post from yesterday:

Spring Break Theme Party information!!

April 2, 2009
hey yall. ok, so this is stuff thats about the party.

Where: Dizzywood, server Giddy ( the 1st one on the list), breakwater beach

When: 5:00 pm eastern time USA

Date: April 4th, 2009

Time: 5:00 - 5:30

Posted or not: yes, we will take pictures and MAYBE a video and post it on youtube.

Some ideas what to bring with you, if you dont have them all, its ok, come on anyways! :

- beach towel(s) , as many as you have
- party ballons
- mrs.wiskercheeks food from cafe ( if ur a gold member or silver)
- plants for decorations
- wear a short sleeved shirt and shorts ( if u can )
- hat ( its sunny at breakwater beach)
- beach umbrella
- fun things like fireworks and magic jump rope or fishing pole...etc.

other ideas are in syler's journal, so u can also check that out.

hope you can make it!

~elsaworldz! ~

so, remember to bring some stuff, but if you can't, that's allright! come on anyways! after this, we r back to school until summer, so enjoy this break as much as you can!!

hopefully there wont my any suprise rain or anything...so, we will have our party just the way we like it. allright, well we are gonna take pics and everything and maybe a short picture, so remember to smile!!




Don't ask me why I put the kitty up there. I think it's just TOO cute! 

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