Hey guys! This is NOT another friday update, just another simple 'I want to" kinda update.


Did you guys look over at Syler's Journal? Well, if you haven't, then go...go NOW ( click on "Journal" in the page option bar above). If you have.....do you guys have ANY idea what Chill might get us?? Hmm.....I don't know, I really wanna go turn invisible and see, but hey that's just totally unfair. So, nah, I'm not doing it.

This Friday ( March 13th ) I'm gonna put a poll here. You are gonna guess from the poll from the choices Chill gave us or lets say he gave us "clues". ( I begged Chill A LOT) !

On another topic.....

Ok, gotta admit, it's hard coming every Friday to check here for the awesome updates...right? Well, to whom you said "Yes", then NO MORE worries for you! Check out the Subscribe to this blog button to the right! ( It's an orange square with white stripes) . Subscribe so you can get the updates, so you don't forget!!! Also, with subscribing to this blog, feel free to ALSO subscribe to Syler's Journal! She has awesome stories coming in and out almost everyday!

So, ok,...that's it! Come back this Friday to vote about Chill's secret gift and also subscribe to this blog AND Syler's journal!!

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