hey elsaworldz here. im kinda in a hurry,since i have to go somewhere today.

anyways, I found another rock bogie at Canal City, Gilbert Square West, by the bridge. He slimes you.


Broken Bogie- one half is at Skytown. the other one is by the stage at glibert square EAST. you get 301 coins as a reward and get to keep the halves.

Bogus Crystals-  The crystals are in Canal City Road, Garden gazebo, the Jaguar Temple and Explorer's Camp. the reward is 300 coins. wow, theres 601 coins right there, if you do both missons!

hopefully, the rock bogies are gonna be gone from now. and sry, there are no pics, again im in a hurry to go somewhere.


COME TO THE SPRING BREAK THEME PARTY!!  the information is below this post! so come!!!

~elsaworldz~ ahh, almost late!!