AHH!! Hide in your dizzywood homes and don't come out, until April 2nd!! AHH!! jk, jk. hey guys. the rock bogies are here, and yep it's April 1st. ( yes, chill, april fools is april 1st). Anyways, I noticed some things "wrong" with dizzywood as I logged in today.

- the "welcome to dizzywood" sign is upside down ( pretty obvious) , sry i didnt get a chance to take a pic.

- rock bogies are here.....there are 2 rock bogies that I found throughout dizzywood. here they are:

ok, the 1st one is in Garden Gazebo.

The 2nd one is in Tanglevine Jungle, by the sign of the rock maze.

If you get close to them, they will "slime" you. so, thats why I have the green stuff on my face. You can wash it out at the Tanglevine River or Breakwater beach in the ocean.

allright! well, thats it for April Fools!

Have a happy and lucky April Fool's Day and watch your back!!!