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oh and guys i am like the sorriest person in the world if these pics. dont work, i have tried a billion times to get these, so if they dont work , i am really sorry!!!

now there is a little voting booth, which you can vote for master swingtail, kat, or cecil. After you vote, you will get a "I voted" T-shirt. And remember, you can only vote once!!!

( voting booth + "I voted" shirt)

go talk to admiral hawksbill to vote or melinda swingtail, kat , or cecil , admiral is located in prestos edge

to vote click on the little box that says"register"

here are some pictures of some clubs:

Kat's Club:

Cecil's Scene:

Monkey Jam:

you can buy things to donate to each club by buying a support item for 100 coins.

go ahead and vote, and if you want go ahead and vote by  making a comment!!