hey explorers! While i was skating through prestos edge, I notcied some changes in dizzywood!!

ok, when you click on the regular clothing shop in the edge, then it will take you to a mall!! :

It's huge!! And on the down left it has a door full of clothes just for gold explorers!!

Cool!! And if you look at stuff in your backpack, then it has smiley faces with it......

I guess this is another change for silver explorers!! if you want more information on canal city or silver explorers, then go to dizzywood explorers journal!!

So, that's what I notcied, if you noticed something else...then please email to
elsaworldz@yahoo.com, we will give credit!!!

and speaking of credit, i give credit to frosty, because I was checking out her site, and she had some updates, so then i checked that on dizzywood!! Thanks, frosty!!