Mystery Picture & Good News!!

yay!! my color camera is working!! And thanks wonderfulgirl's help, i have my camera working. She is gona be my assistant for the day and we decided to make a guessing game 4 halloween!! Here is a picture of me.....somewhere... Guess where i am or where i am falling to. remember that this place is in dizzywood( proof- the dizzywood camera icon and DW sign on top). Me and wonderful girl are going to put all the correct answers in a box and pick out the the grand winner, the reward is a chance to be a worker here or my assistant!!


Tip from wonderfulgirl: remember this place can be "falled" into or it might take a long long time to go there ( by portal). wink, wink

oh ya, ignore the green thing in the right, thats the smoke from the halloween event.

A LITTLE NOTICE: ok, guys, time to peek!! elsaworldz was going in THE CHASM. nobody guessed it, so no reward....sorry!!!!!

                               if i was you, i would have also said crystal catcombs or things like that. Though, it was fun having a                   game for halloween!! FYI......HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!