Fallen Critters

My account is gonna open or like re-activate in 11/18/08 so I can use my account instead of elsaworldz's. - syler

ok, so for this misson, you need to find a pulley, bucket and a rope to save critters from the chasm.

The pulley is in presto's edge( by timothy):

The bucket is in Explorer's camp:


And the rope is in Jaguar Temple:

After that, go to Moonpepples in prestos edge, and jump in the chasm. Then click on any critetr for your reward. I think you get some coins( cant remember how much) and you get a misson unlocked.

~syler( and elsaworldz in the pictures)


Meet Moonpepples!!!

hey guys, this is where moonpeppbles is, at tanglevine jungle by the invisibilty pillars.

ya ya, i know i used elsaworldz's account. Mine would not OPEN!! I have to fix it, so elsaworldz offered me her account, so i took the picture.

~syler( and elsaworldz in the picture)