Monstrous Rumor Misson- I have it all YAY!

First you accept the misson, and go to Quill ( the trash guy..sry quill!),

Then he will tell you to go to the Winter guy in his "place". you know, the one that you put the key in and then it will take you to a snowy land. yea, well, theres a winter guy/bird and he will quiz you, and he will give you 4 questions. Pick the one abot monsters. He will give you a mixing ball or something and then he will tell you to find the tough mirthwood bark.

It's at wildwood glen

Ok then he will tell you to find a wisperweed bark. The bark is in prestos edge:

Then he will tell you to go and find this special Butterfaux root, its at garden gazebo.

Then he will tell you to find a special green elixer kind ball: Its's at Mage Barrow:

Then he will tell you to mix them all in the science tent ( explorers camp) :

The arrow is pointing to the science tent.

reward- Monster repllent and I think you get 200 coins.


P.S. I was looking at some websites and not all of them had this misson ( even part of it) , so it's kind of unique and special to me. So, if you wanna copy some info. or pics. please leave a comments in "All you" or write a little note by email ( .