Today is the last day to register if you wish to partake in the 2008 Elections for Chief Poobah!

It is tremendously important that you register if you want to vote for one of the three candidates running, because once the registration box goes away, you will no longer be able to register or vote.

Those of you that have already registered and can’t wait to cast your vote, you’ve got one more day to support your candidates by continuing to rally throughout dizzywood with your posters, t-shirts, and hats! Now is the perfect time to ask around to see who everyone else is voting for. We’ve got to spread the word to get everyone in Dizzywood involved in this election!

We sat down with each of the candidates to ask them a few final questions before the voting booth opened:

DW: How do you feel about Presto stepping down from Chief Poobah?

Kat: Oh, well, I have much respect for Presto. He’s been nothing but helpful to me and my garden. I have many fond memories of him-especially from his picnic! He grills the best burgers! It’s comforting to know that he will still be around, but I must say I am ready to follow in his footsteps as the next Chief Poobah.

Cecil: Presto’s my bro, no doubt! He’s been a super Poobah, but it’s his time to step down, and my time to step up!

Melinda: Presto is such a kind soul. He’s helped make Dizzywood so peaceful. I would never dream of replacing him, but since his four years has come to an end, I would gladly pick up the reins.

DW: How will you help keep the citizens safe from Emperor Withering?

Kat: There’s no better way to fight off the damage of his Belch Factories than growing some plants! Am I right? Who’s with me?

Cecil: I’ve got things covered, don’t you even fret! A little pinch here and a pinch there, and he’s outta here!

Melinda: Are you kidding me? I’m the Move Master! Withering and his henchmen stand no chance against my moves. I’ve perfected them, and shared them with all the citizens of Dizzywood! Together we will all defeat him!

And there you have your potential Poobahs. Who will it be? It’s up to you!

Once the Voting Booth opens (tomorrow), make sure to cast your votes!

Important note: You may only vote once! So make sure that you vote for the candidate that you wish to be the next Chief Poobah.

( below is some information of how to vote)