reposted from 11/30/08

Garden Guru

ok, this is pretty easy, just get the misson and then just go and deliver the moxie mulch to kat in garden gazebo.

reward- 2 missons unlocked( below) and 100 coins.


Seed Scavenger

ok, in this misson, you have to find some joysnap seeds and grow them just like any other plant. The seeds are at wildwood glen.

ok, so get the seeds from wildwood glen ^^^^

ya, so this is a potted joysnap^^^^

yep, I know my pics. are HUGE!!


good luck! :)


Wilted Shrubbery

ok, so the wilted shrubbery is in garden gazebo:

um, the wilted shrubbery is in different places in garden gazebo for each user, just another friendly reminder :)

take it to the science tent( at the left of me)

reward- 200 coins


Practice growing a Joysnap plant.

here is the picture again, of a potted joysnap. Just grow it like any other plant, with moxie mulch.

ya, my pics are huge, there is no other way to show all the plant without having it this huge.

sry, guys I forgot what the reward is :(

anyways good luck on all of these missons!!!