Hello my fashionistas and fashionistos!
I was walking around today, not minding my own business, and I happened to see:

They called themselves “The Yellow Tribe”, and anyone who was anyone was welcomed to join. Did I join? I would have, really I would, but all of my laundry was at the dry cleaners! I’m such a fan of all the yellow hair streaks, they look great! 

Oh yeah, for those of you looking to gain the power to style and color hair just ring my doorbell up in Skytown. I’d be so happy to teach you my skills!

So, like I was saying. As I passed these gals, I got inspired! It was so great to see everyone become such quick buddies and organize themselves into such a cool club, that I thought it would be awesome to pick a day out of this week and see how many of us could wear that color. Who’s in?

So this is the plan:

-First you’ve got to vote on what color you like best (see the poll down below).

-The color with the most votes will be the color for this Thursday.

Of course I’ll be walking around and taking pictures of as many of you as I can, so be prepared! Ohhh this is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait! 

What color will your club be this Thursday?

*elsaworldz- go to www.dizzywood.com/blog/explorersto go and really go and vote. Make sure you vote!