Hey guys,

hey guys, first I wanna thank some people for bringing some AWESOME ideas and posts to this site. first I wanna very much thank amelia. She is a fellow on board dizzywood citizen and it was her idea for the letter from the skeleton. I think everyone read it and had a blast cause a lot of people emailed me and told me that she was awesome, and ya she was. So I'm gonna sit down with amelia and talk to her about the letter from the skeleton. EDC= elsaworldz's dizzywood cheats.

EDC- Hey Amelia, so tell me where did you get the idea of the letter from the skeleton?

Amelia- Well, I don't really know.....I just wanted to freak out people, so  I was thinking of something scary related, like a skeleton.  Then, since I'm a pretty good writer, I wanted to right a letter...to anyone. I combined both the ideas together to get "the letter from the skeleton!!"

EDC- Oh cool mixture. Thanks for sponsoring the idea in my site. It's a blast, thanks a lot!!