hey guys. just another random post. i no, i no i havent posted in a LONG TIME !!! my internet was not letting me get in this site for a while, until i fixed it.

ok, so we have a lot of pictures to share over our spring break! but, it will take some time to post....

so, easter is here, and we have some new missons in dizzywood, so be sure to check that out! and there are like 3-4 new posts in explorers journal.

when i completly wake up, i'll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o sorry, yea i will um post some new posts.

sorry guys, im half asleep, its like 2:00 in the morning. my computer made a beep telling me the internet is in, so i thought this would be the only time to post real quick. 

i will post ( hopefully) in the morning!!

bye. peace half asleep.