Hi, guys! Here is a together post about some dizzywood missons.....

Snow Maze:
Keys are located at Garden Gazebo, Skytown Skate Park, and Explorers Camp. You go to the mage barrow portal in presto's edge, but don't click on it---yet. Get any of the 3 crystal keys and put them in. It will take you to a snow maze. I ended up in Farthing's Pond ( I only used the 1st key).

Presto's lend a hand:
the parcel is in tanglevine jungle

Santa Hats Snowman:
Directions: Walk over the bridge in prestos edge, then go down to the right a little. There should be a snowman, and you should be able to click on it.

Free Skates:
free skates are located in a box near the skating pond.

Build a snowman:
build a snowman in farthings pond or prestos edge. You get a snowsuit if you do this! The more people helping, the more faster the snowman is gonna get build.

Winter Sprite:
the sprite for the misson "fetch a sprite" is in wildwood glen. IT HAS BLUE EYES. Don't mistake it with the leaf sprite which has RED eyes.

And That's ALL!!!

I have agreed to post a huge list of missons every week ( saturdays mostly).