Good day Explorers! My excavations throughout dizzywood are proving to be very successful. I’ve made countless findings, and oh yes, a great thank you to all of you that have been assisting me. You have all been so helpful and quite knowledgeable on knowing how to preserve delicate mud impressions. So I must tell you that I’ve had some time to do a more thorough examination of the footprint you’ve brought to me, and it does indeed look to be from the creature that I have been following since I was a young lad. I’m not quite sure which specific creature the print belongs to, but there is no doubt in my mind that an Ancient has made it! Things like this take time to investigate, so when I come across new information I promise to send it your way. My brother Pierre of course thinks otherwise, but that is quite okay. I’ll make a believer of him someday, when he’s not thinking of what bugs would make a wholesome bug stew! 

I must be on my way now. There is still much to excavate in this vast land. It is all so exciting, wouldn’t you say? Papa would be so proud of me!

Many thanks for your help Explorers!