Every four years a very important election is held in Dizzywood for the position of Chief Poobah. This weekend every explorer in Dizzywood can meet the candidates and register!  Presto the raccoon is Dizzywood’s current Chief Poobah and he’s sadly stepping down after four excellent years of serving the Dizzy citizens.  He’s had a great run and is now ready to hand the reigns over to the next qualified candidate. 

What are the responsibilities of a Chief Poobah?

As Chief Poobah, a candidate must first and foremost decide where the magic and technological resources of Dizzywood should go.  That means organizing and convincing all of Dizzywood’s various Weather Wizards, Elixir Mechanics, Steam Engineers, Crystal Crafters, Pathfinders, and Skyland Aerialists to pool their efforts into a civic cause.  In addition, a qualified Poobah must warn citizens of plots by Emperor Withering, attend new airship launches, lead parades, and give the kick-off speech at the annual Winter Festival.  It’s a very important job!

Brief history of Poobahs:

In past years, holders of the position of Chief Poobah have made decisions that have had both magnificent results and tragic results. It is thanks to Presto, for example, that humans have been able to explore Dizzywood.  He enlisted his best friend Chanjo to build the tubes that provide access from our world to Dizzywood.  Sadly, Presto’s predecessor was a small-minded and selfish Chief Poobah whose only accomplishment was to halt maintenance on the road from Wildwood to Canal City. This neglect resulted in an infestaton of monsters that has to this day made traveling between the forest and city nearly impossible. 

Who is running for Chief Poobah in ‘08?

This year three citizens completed their petitions to become candidates: resident gardener Katherine de Claw, beach denizen Cecil Sideshuffle, and master of moves Melinda Swingtail. Each candidate has created his and her own party and has laid out their party’s platform.  The three Bjorn brothers, Edward, Einar, and Elof, have each volunteered to one candidate to help distribute signs, hats, shirts, and banners to get the word out.  The candidates all have very convincing ideas, so it’s going to be a tough race!

It’s up to you!

It’s a very important role and it’s up to every Dizzywood citizen to make sure that the person who holds the office is honorable, trust-worthy, intelligent, open to new ideas, and fair.  Don’t forget to register this weekend so you can cast your vote next weekend!