Hey there Explorers! 

Many of you have been leaving really awesome comments about things that you’d like to see in dizzywood. There are so many great ideas coming in that we thought we would take some of your ideas and hear which ones you’d like to see us work on! 

Here are a few ideas that you’ve sent in:

1) New Pets

2) More Stylish Clothing

3) New Hairstyles

4) More Hats

If you’d like us to work on any of these just leave a comment telling us which one you’d like to see best. We’ll do our best to do what we can, so keep on checking back for updates! We know you’ve got more ideas to share with us and the rest of the Dizzywood Explorers, so please feel free to use this space to post your ideas! The sky is the limit! 

*Quick update: New sunglasses are coming, and should appear in Dizzywood later today (Oct.8)! Thanks for all your ideas, they’re great!