hey,dizzywood got some new functions that you guys are gonna love!!

In just a little while you’ll notice the new hotkey functionality at the bottom of your screen that is going to make powers, skateboards, emotes, moxie mulch, and everything in your backpack so much faster to get to!

Want to pull out your skateboard as soon as you’re done traveling to Skytown? Easy! Just assign a skateboard to one of the hotkeys, and you’ll be able to click that key on your actual keyboard whenever you want your skateboard.

Here are a couple easy steps to get started:

1) Click on the small “+” sign on the bottom left corner of your screen to start

2) Now go through your backpack and choose anything that you’d like to get to faster (helpful hint: It might be a good idea to pick things you use a lot, like your powers, skateboard, or moxie mulch!

3) After you’ve decided what you want to assign to a hotkey, you’ll notice them turn light green. Now click on whichever key you want!

4) Now you’re done, and can hotkey like crazy!

And another thing! Are you ready for this Explorers?

We’ve also included the feature of auto-targeting to make emoting, or zapping a group of buddies easier. To use this feature all you need to do is wave your mouse over all the people you want to emote while clicking that particular hotkey.

Have fun Explorers!