hey guys! what's up??!! anyways, remember i told all of you that the video is gonna be here about march 17th??

Well, it changed!! the video is uploading RIGHT NOW at youtube!! so exicted!! it's halfway done. So, no more wating, just go ahead today and watch canal city!!!

Now, as some of you know, i am NOT a silver or gold explorer. So, you must ask "How did you get in canal city?" Well, if you are in the same case as me, then follow the steps to get in canal city!

1) Go and find a tour guide, click on the TOURS icon above their heads.
2) Soon, they should take you inside canal city.
3) then as soon as you get there, log off ( use sign out button )
4) log in again
5) wah lah! You can walk in canal city without a tour guide or any membership!!

good luck!!

bye guys! canal city is here, can you believe it? I have been waiting for this for months!!

AHHHH exicted!!!

Soon, when the video is finished uploading, i will put the video link here, so you can watch it directly!!