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hi, starlight here.

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, May 9, 2009,

hi starlight here! you guys don't yet know me, but hopefully you will after a while.

well, elsaworldz & her friends, left me this site, cause they pretty much quit, cause they were too busy in their scheldues to make time for a virtual game named dizzywood, in which they perviously made the site about.

well, i'm sorry, to all those dizzywood fans, because i don't do dizzywood. I have never really tried it, because im not really that into it. Hey, im 16, so, I actually dont do any games at all...

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See you guys!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, May 2, 2009,

hey guys. me, syler and chillinrazer are here to say....goodbye.

i was about to delete this site, when my phone rang, and me and a friend just ran in talking, until i told her i was about to delete my site. she used to own a HEAVY HEAVY traffic site, until suddenly, someone build another site, and no one visited her site. sad...isnt it?

so, i told her, and she said that maybe i should hand my site to her. her nickname is starlight. and soon, elsaworldz's dizzywood cheats is gonna be starlig...

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Don't ask me why I put the kitty up there. I think it's just TOO cute! 

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