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Spring Break theme party...some info.

Posted by elsaworldz on Monday, March 30, 2009,
hey! ok, so have you checked out Syler's blog/journal yet? Well, she has a list of things you can bring if you wanna come to the party this Saturday ( april 4th). Time and location are not sure yet. But we will be sure to inform you by Thursday, or maybe Friday. but mostly thursday. so, watch for those updates.

one great way to make sure you get the information is subscrbing to this ( home) blog AND syler's journal. you can stay informed and always be up-to-date.


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The Endless Wild picture 1

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, March 29, 2009,

I went to the Endless wild today. i understand why its called the ENDLESS wild. the room never stops! i got lost 3 times in there!

I was zapping a monsters...yes there are monsters!

anyways this is picture 1.

Picture 2 is on below this post.


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The Endless Wild Picture 2

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, March 29, 2009,

I went to the endless wild today for the 1st time. I understand why it's called endless wild. the room never stops!

anyways this is picture 2.


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April Fool's Day is around the corner!

Posted by chillinrazer on Saturday, March 28, 2009,
Hide under your bed crossing your fingers? Why? Because April Fool's day is coming!! hey yall how u doin'? Chill here, and i TOTALLY forgot what day april fools day is. So, dare to help me out? ok, BEST way, is just go to elsaworldz youtube channel and send her a message or write a comment. i'll read and try to figure out. But i think it's April 1st , or something like that....

ok, so syler is getting stuff ready with elsaworldz 4 the spring break theme party this SATURDAY ( no, NOT the 28th) ...
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Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, March 28, 2009,
Hey yall! ok, so i think i should have updated today, since i forgot chill was gonna tell the secret gift today. YOU guys voted in the poll at the powers section, the poll closed at i think march 21 or something like that....

so, the choices were:

1. a critter - 26% 9 votes
2. an invitation to join a band- 21% 7 votes        
3. an invitation to a theme party- 35% 12 votes
4. A drum set- 18% 6 votes

( they r not in the same order, sry i tryed remebering top of my head) was  AN INVITATION T...
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Canal City random stuff picture 2

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, March 26, 2009,
random picture from canal city in DW

Picture 1 is on bottom.

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Canal City random stuff picture 1

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, March 26, 2009,

a random picture

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Wednesday update

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, March 26, 2009,
hey. ok, u c this friday is PACKED 4 me, syler, and chill. cause, we get spring break! and, hey i kinda wanna enjoy my spring break. so, i saw i had time 2day, and i figured i go ahead and update this blog!

Some of u might be wondering about the contest...well no worries. I wrote that the deadline is march 27th , and yep its gonna stay like that. so, you CAN sumbit your pics by march 27th.

IF there are any updates in this thursday or friday, then i might make a little blog about the updated ne...

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Friday Update- 3/20/09

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, March 21, 2009,
Hey yall! country style...i know. i just got KFC chicken, he he.

anyways, it's friday and boy am i gald to be out of schooL!!! WHOO! i heart fridays!

ok so as you probably VERY WELL know, is that canal city is a complete BLAST! peeps are having fun exploring the new dizzywood land, and im glad everyone is having fun.

i also updated the video in youtube ( elsaworldz search OR canal city-dizzywood in youtube search videos margin) . its the sneak preview. canal city is great...but you know silve...

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canal city!! WHOOO!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, March 14, 2009,
hey guys! what's up??!! anyways, remember i told all of you that the video is gonna be here about march 17th??

Well, it changed!! the video is uploading RIGHT NOW at youtube!! so exicted!! it's halfway done. So, no more wating, just go ahead today and watch canal city!!!

Now, as some of you know, i am NOT a silver or gold explorer. So, you must ask "How did you get in canal city?" Well, if you are in the same case as me, then follow the steps to get in canal city!

1) Go and find a tour guide, cl...

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The wonderful update

Posted by elsaworldz on Friday, March 13, 2009,

hello! Gutenberg! Kownicha! Ni Hao! Namaste! Bonjour! HEY GUYS!!!!

ok, this is a wonderful update----respect the update ( LOL)


Ok, so this Friday is a really cool day here at dizzywood. For silver and gold explorers, the fun of canal city begins TODAY ( March 13th, 2009) at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight time! All this hard work is finally paid off!!

But, to all those who are non-gold or non-silver explorers, then hey no worries. To you guys, canal city will be open March 16th, 2009. Ju...

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Something new

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, March 12, 2009,
Hey guys! This is NOT another friday update, just another simple 'I want to" kinda update.


Did you guys look over at Syler's Journal? Well, if you haven't, then go...go NOW ( click on "Journal" in the page option bar above). If you you guys have ANY idea what Chill might get us?? Hmm.....I don't know, I really wanna go turn invisible and see, but hey that's just totally unfair. So, nah, I'm not doing it.

This Friday ( March 13th ) I'm gonna put a poll here. You are gonn...

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Another Friday Update!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, March 7, 2009,
Hey guys! Congrats for gold & silver members, that canal city is going to be open in March 16th, 2009!! YEA YEA!! WHOOO HOO!!!

ok, lets calm down a bit, got too much sugar!


I'm planning to make a video in March 16th, just for the grand opening of Canal City!! So, it will be probably ready let's say around March 17-18th. So, BE SURE to watch it! Just put elsaworldz in the search margin and search for my playlist or my channel! Easy as pie. 

Dizzywood members have again, 2 new missons. So, ...

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Don't ask me why I put the kitty up there. I think it's just TOO cute! 

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