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Galvanize the Repellent

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 31, 2009,
Ok, so first you have to talk to Pierre at explorers camp:

Then he will tell you to find a glass bottle at breakwater beach:

( its right beside me)

Then he will tell you to find this "trucine" or something, which is at tanglevine jungle, in the onakasi ruins:

(it's that yellow ball )

Then he will ask you to find this lighting blot at skytown:

And we are done !!

reward- 350 coins and activated repllent

Sorry guys, my picture's graphics are horrible------ I will try to fix them next time.


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Monsterous Rumor

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 24, 2009,
Monstrous Rumor Misson- I have it all YAY!

First you accept the misson, and go to Quill ( the trash guy..sry quill!),

Then he will tell you to go to the Winter guy in his "place". you know, the one that you put the key in and then it will take you to a snowy land. yea, well, theres a winter guy/bird and he will quiz you, and he will give you 4 questions. Pick the one abot monsters. He will give you a mixing ball or something and then he will tell you to find the tough mirthwood bark.

It's at w...

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Back from Europe

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, January 22, 2009,

Hey guys! I am back from Europe! I came yesterday( 1/20/09) and I just loved the trip.

I went to London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, The leaning tower of Pisa.

I made my own pizza there, so I have my recipe! YAY!

So, I'm back, too tired to right other stuff!


PS and yes, there will be pictures again to the missons.

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Cloud Misson

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 17, 2009,
ok, so plain out, here are the steps for this misson:

1. Accept the misson and go to skytown skate park ( reward- 1 coin)
2. Then talk to the Cloud Sprite
3. He will give you a cloud cure, which you have to take to other cloud sprites.
4. The cloud sprites are at Garden Gazebo.

and that is it!

reward ( total) - 301 coins


Oh and I am so happy we already have 2 participants in the Vallie Contest (info in journal) !! Wow, that was quick!

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Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, January 15, 2009,
ok, so I heard from a lot of people, that:Are there any other games like dizzywood?

Well, yes there are:

FusionFall- cartoonnetwork
Elf Island
PIxieHollow- Disney Fairies
Eudemons- TQ
Conquer- TQ

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I have played everything, except PixieHollow.
If there is more, I'll list them afterwards.

I hope you will play something,

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New website!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, January 14, 2009,
ok, so I build another site. but you know its like a random site. So, the name is Random! Today. Its about ANYTHING, anything that pops in my the right time.

here's the link:

i am not yet all finished, so its not that great.

And I hope a lot of you rejoined with buddies.....!!!!! Allright, I got some more fan mails, which will hopefully be posted in the next post.

see ya!

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Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 10, 2009,
Ok, so u guys know like dizzywood deleted friends right? ok, so if ur one of my friends....or other peeps, visit us in prestos edge, wobbly, Jan.11/09, 5:00 pm (eastern time, usa).

I got this of secretnotes website, so i'll give credit to her.

So, come if you need to rejoin with friends.........!!! Most probably, hopefully, a lot of people are gonna be there, so I hope you will find your friends..

and yes, I will be posting a reminder on saturday.

thanks and come!!!,

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Save the crystal critters!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 10, 2009,

Hey, guys. Ok this misson is really just to go and save the critters.

1st, you take a crystal and give it to kan in explorers camp, then just go in the mines....and save the critters.

Save the critters:
1. Get the Damperens in different mines.
2. keep on going to the Omega Beet mine, and then pick a critter.
3. Return to Kan to reanimate it.

Thats it!

good luck!

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New clothes are here!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 10, 2009,
New clothes are here (1/9/09). And gold members can enjoy them! ( yea, I don't think that it's for non gold members....sry(if ur a gold member).

So, you know....a reminder.


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Sticky Ichor- the rat wairth misson

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, January 4, 2009,
Hola Dizzys! Ok, so remember I can't upload pics since I'm in Europe, so no pics.....sry!

But I will tell you where the bees are located: 
1. Presto's Edge

2. Explorer's Camp

3. Jaguar Temple

4. Crystal Catacombs

5. Tanglevine Jungle

6.Wildwood Glen

7. Garden Gazebo

8. Breakwater Beach

9. Chasm

10. Skytown

It really helps if you have map of dizzywood...huh.

Anyways that's it. And the snow is on in dizzywood...farthings pond is a pond now....not a skating rink.
Oh and new clothes are gonna be here Frida...

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Don't ask me why I put the kitty up there. I think it's just TOO cute! 

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