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Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, April 30, 2009,
hey guys. like after a month, i can decide what i'll do next, cause we have this big state test thin going on right now. so, i cant really pay attention to dizzywood or any other game.

again...any ideas?

so, this is probably the last post for like 2 weeks maybe. so, dizzywood, im REALLY SORRY to say this....but dizzywood is REALLY boring for me now. usaually i have missions to catch up to, but right now, all i do is like 1 misson and go play the mystery wheel, and just log off.

not very exict...

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move on or not?

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, April 26, 2009,
hey guys, elsaworldz here. As you guys know, im NOT a silver or a gold member. im one of those regular free member people. And i was in dizzywood yesterday, and i was the most bored person in the world!

i mean, now, there is nothing for regular people. i cant buy any clothes, furniture....i cant do anything!!! and im pretty upset. i just dont want to spend my money on a game that i dont always play. im sorry, but im not in COMPLETE love with dizzywood. so, should i ( and my friends) move on o...
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earth day!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, April 25, 2009,

hey guys. if u read the last post, you know why im a little behind on this earth day thing.

anyways, to make up for the "behind-ness", i will like make a free verse poem...i guess.

make peace
in the world
save the earth
and live in peace
fly like a dove
in the mighty blue sky
until you save
the world
from doom

i just kinda pressed some words....and hey thats why its a FREE VERSE poem. he he. i guess i'll catch up later, so


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I um....well...lets see....

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, April 25, 2009,

hey its elsaworldz here! um, look guys i know its been like 2 weeks before i posted last, but there are 2 very accurate reasons why. well first, i have this national test thing going on. and i really have to study, so that kinda took my dizzywood time. and also, in the crap, how am i gonna say this....well, i have been playing ourworld lately........

yea, i know, im really behind on this earth day stuff in dizzywood.....and yea.

so, at last, when the next event starts off, i'll ...

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Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, April 12, 2009,
hey guys. just another random post. i no, i no i havent posted in a LONG TIME !!! my internet was not letting me get in this site for a while, until i fixed it.

ok, so we have a lot of pictures to share over our spring break! but, it will take some time to post....

so, easter is here, and we have some new missons in dizzywood, so be sure to check that out! and there are like 3-4 new posts in explorers journal.

when i completly wake up, i'll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o sorry, yea i will um post some...
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Sunday it is.

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, April 4, 2009,
holey! hi guys.

anyways, we ordered some new pics at the mall, so yea it's gonna get some more time. and im pretty sure a lot of people dont wanna miss dinner at 7:00.

so, the best way to handle it, is just go ahead and extend it to 3:00 pm eastern time usa at Sunday, April 5th.

so, come at 3:00, and its good 4 everyone. and Im 99.9% sure that it's Sunday. I guess it's a nice way to celebrate the last day of spring break with a party, then go back to school on monday,,yrggh.

allright, well be...
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TIME MOVED TO 7:00 !!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, April 4, 2009,

hi guys! i just realized that today me and syler r htting the mall....sorry. we have our pics ready today...suprise notice...sorry.

SO, the TIME HAS MOVED TO 7:00 PM EASTERN TIME USA. but the date is still the same, saturday april 4th.

so , i just wanted you to know that....and IF we hang at the mall and dont come for the party until 7, then the party will be moved to Sunday, April 5th, at 3:00 pm eastern time usa. but, thats only IF we dont come "home" until 7. i'll text that from my cell ...

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Saturday Update!

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, April 4, 2009,

hey elsaworldz here. im kinda in a hurry,since i have to go somewhere today.

anyways, I found another rock bogie at Canal City, Gilbert Square West, by the bridge. He slimes you.


Broken Bogie- one half is at Skytown. the other one is by the stage at glibert square EAST. you get 301 coins as a reward and get to keep the halves.

Bogus Crystals-  The crystals are in Canal City Road, Garden gazebo, the Jaguar Temple and Explorer's Camp. the reward is 300 coins. wow, theres 601 coins ri...

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Spring Break Theme Party TOMORROW!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Friday, April 3, 2009,
Hey elsaworldz here. ok, as you know today is Friday the 3rd of April. The party is scheldued for April 4th....WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!  me, syler and chill are all VERY EXICTED!! 

i hope you guys can make it!! anyways here is the stuff ( again) from the last post, to clear up any misunderstandings. here is the post from yesterday:

Spring Break Theme Party information!!

April 2, 2009
hey yall. ok, so this is stuff thats about the party.

Where: Dizzywood, server Giddy ( the 1st one on the list...

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Spring Break Theme Party information!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, April 2, 2009,
hey yall. ok, so this is stuff thats about the party.

Where: Dizzywood, server Giddy ( the 1st one on the list), breakwater beach

When: 5:00 pm eastern time USA

Date: April 4th, 2009

Time: 5:00 - 5:30

Posted or not: yes, we will take pictures and MAYBE a video and post it on youtube.

Some ideas what to bring with you, if you dont have them all, its ok, come on anyways! :

- beach towel(s) , as many as you have
- party ballons
- mrs.wiskercheeks food from cafe ( if ur a gold member or silver)
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More Rock Bogies! cont..

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, April 2, 2009,
ok, this post is cont. because whenever i find another rock gonna post it here.

1st Extra Rock Bogie!

So, i found another one at breakwater beach....and it challenges you to a word race thingie.

the hint is mischief. I won with these words: nonsense, pranks, funny buisness. syler also told me another word was trickery.

well, thats it, and the reward he gives you is a trickery towel . u can put it on the ground and once you stand/walk in it, you will do a 360.

good luck!

2nd Extra R...
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Rock Bogies are here!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, April 1, 2009,

AHH!! Hide in your dizzywood homes and don't come out, until April 2nd!! AHH!! jk, jk. hey guys. the rock bogies are here, and yep it's April 1st. ( yes, chill, april fools is april 1st). Anyways, I noticed some things "wrong" with dizzywood as I logged in today.

- the "welcome to dizzywood" sign is upside down ( pretty obvious) , sry i didnt get a chance to take a pic.

- rock bogies are here.....there are 2 rock bogies that I found throughout dizzywood. here they are:

ok, the 1st one is in G...

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