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A long far!

Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, December 31, 2008,



hey guys...this is worth spending time on. I checked out the dizzywood explorers journal today.....and im on it!!!!!

It's slide has syler, me, and my "friend who is a boy" which is chillinrazer. LET IT SNOWWW!!

sry....I got too much sugar this morning.....BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!



The List of Missons in the Winter far!


1) the santa hat is located at the snowman in the presto's edge. The snowman is located, if you go on the bridge, and go a lit...

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book work- reposted

Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, December 31, 2008,

H.C. Le Snout Book Work

ok, so first go and find H.C. Le Snout in explorers camp( picture soon to come).

then the first book is at the tanglevine jungle, by the main river.

the second book is at skytown

the third one is at gamma yam mine - in order to get there, go to every mine until you come to the alpha radish mine, or delta carrot( im not sure about delta) and there you should see a door called gamma yam mine. Play the game Jumper to get in there.

im sorry guys, but i forgot ...

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Holiday Week 2

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, December 27, 2008,
Ok, here are the missons so far....

Sprite Misson
just go to breakwater beach and click on the sea sprite and accept the next misson.

Bouncing Words
Play Word Race with the Frog Sprite which is on the tanglevine jungle river. Some words include, goblin, unicorn, fairy...etc.

Salamander Snack
The three spiders are in Explorers Camp, Prestos Edge, and Garden Gazebo.

And that's it! I will continue more information with Holiday Week 3, coming soon.

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Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, December 24, 2008,

reposted from 12/4/08

Thursday is Purple Day in Dizzywood! 12/4/08

Purple! Purple! Purple!

The citizens of Dizzywood have spoken, and as your messenger, I am here to declare that tomorrow, December 4th will be “Purple Thursday“! Yay! (I can hear the purple voters jumping up and cheering)

So what does this mean? It means I want to see you all go purple crazy! I’m loading up my camera with film, and packing extra rolls in my pockets right now to make sure that I get the best shots of ...

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Happy Holdidays- Week 1

Posted by elsaworldz on Monday, December 22, 2008,

Hi, guys! Here is a together post about some dizzywood missons.....

Snow Maze:
Keys are located at Garden Gazebo, Skytown Skate Park, and Explorers Camp. You go to the mage barrow portal in presto's edge, but don't click on it---yet. Get any of the 3 crystal keys and put them in. It will take you to a snow maze. I ended up in Farthing's Pond ( I only used the 1st key).

Presto's lend a hand:
the parcel is in tanglevine jungle

Santa Hats Snowman:
Directions: Walk over the bridge in prestos edge, the...

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Kat set of missons

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, December 4, 2008,

reposted from 11/30/08

Garden Guru

ok, this is pretty easy, just get the misson and then just go and deliver the moxie mulch to kat in garden gazebo.

reward- 2 missons unlocked( below) and 100 coins.


Seed Scavenger

ok, in this misson, you have to find some joysnap seeds and grow them just like any other plant. The seeds are at wildwood glen.

ok, so get the seeds from wildwood glen ^^^^

ya, so this is a potted joysnap^^^^

yep, I know my pics. are HUGE!!


good luck! :)


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orange medal misson

Posted by elsaworldz on Wednesday, December 3, 2008,

reposted from 11-27-08

hey explores, this misson, if you played dizzywood for a while, this should be pretty easy. On the misson box, it says "archmide's hill" and archimeds is the mage/wizard( riddles guy). SO, go to mage barrow and pretty much, you should see a binocular there!! click on it, you will recieve your orange medal.

good luck!!

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I'm seeing Yellow

Posted by dizzywood team on Tuesday, December 2, 2008,

Hello my fashionistas and fashionistos!
I was walking around today, not minding my own business, and I happened to see:

They called themselves “The Yellow Tribe”, and anyone who was anyone was welcomed to join. Did I join? I would have, really I would, but all of my laundry was at the dry cleaners! I’m such a fan of all the yellow hair streaks, they look great! 

Oh yeah, for those of you looking to gain the power to style and color hair just ring my doorbell up in Skytown. I’d be so ...

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What could this mean?

Posted by dizzywood team on Tuesday, December 2, 2008,

Sometime last week Explorers were beginning to discover something strange and exciting in Dizzywood. Not one of them was speaking up to what they had seen.

Days after the announcement of this unexplained new finding we caught up with one of the Explorers and finally got some word of what’s going on. What follows is one account from dozens of Explorers that was willing to go on record with their story:

DW: Good day young explorer! We appreciate your willingness to come out with your story....

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Don't ask me why I put the kitty up there. I think it's just TOO cute! 

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