Hey guys! Congrats for gold & silver members, that canal city is going to be open in March 16th, 2009!! YEA YEA!! WHOOO HOO!!!

ok, lets calm down a bit, got too much sugar!


I'm planning to make a video in March 16th, just for the grand opening of Canal City!! So, it will be probably ready let's say around March 17-18th. So, BE SURE to watch it! Just put elsaworldz in the search margin and search for my playlist or my channel! Easy as pie. 

Dizzywood members have again, 2 new missons. So, be sure to do them, all your participation adds up to canal city, and the more people doing their missons, the better canal city might be! 

I have not logged in ourworld for a long time, so i dont really know what's up. so, i'll check and report next friday! 

Random ?
ok, so here is the question for LAST week's random question!!:

A cowboy rides in town in Friday. He stays for 3 days. He left on Friday. How did he do it??

The answer WAS....drumroll please. --------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( SCROLL DOWN )

HIS HORSE WAS NAMED FRIDAY!! He leaves "on" Friday...cool right??

Sadly, no one got the right answers, but i have to admit myself, i didn't even know until i checked my email.

This question was by Syler ( her idea) , her source was iCarly


In the movie, Camp Rock, where did Mitchie work?? This can be found in the ALMOST begining of the movie ( she has not yet left for camp rock).

question from Disney Channel and Camp Rock.

Thanks guys! and that is the update!!