Hello my fashion-forward Explorers!

I’m so excited that I have the chance to tell you about something really cool in Dizzywood. Do you like having fashion shows with your friends? Always wish you could try on your buddies clothes and see how it looks on you? (I know I always do that with my gal pals). If you’ve got a buddy that has just upgraded to a Gold Explorer, visit their mansion and check out their Dressing Room! 

If you look on their wall, you’ll see all their amazing styles hanging up. And you want to know the best part? You can just click on any article of clothing and try it on! It’s way cool I tell you. Don’t forget to cycle through their racks of clothes by clicking on the blue arrows in the middle of the room.

Oh, and another thing! How could I have forgotten? I know most of you have probably had your hair styled or colored by someone in town, but you can now get a fashion wardrobe update by any Gold Explorerwith the Fashion Sense Skill! Ask around town, and who knows, they might just dress you in clothing you forgot you had hiding away in your backpack!

Have fun Explorers!

Your Gal Pal, 

Amelia Vermillion