They’ve got smiles on their faces, they’re your favorite companion as you explore, and they’ve suffered under Emperor Withering’s power long enough! We are speaking of the magical critters of Dizzywood. These defenseless creatures have you to thank for freeing them of the foul curse of Withering, and it’s about time that you take control of what’s yours!

There’s always work to be done to keep Withering’s plots at a distance, but it looks like your efforts have paid off. With the help of his minions, Emperor Withering used his power to place a curse on all critters, making it only possible for you to drop your critter in your own home. This curse was so strong and so evil that he never allowed your critter the freedom of jumping, or flying around your home; the helpless creatures could only stay frozen where they stood. And worst yet, he never wanted to give you ownership of your critter after it had been saved. Do you remember the curse he put over your critters? We dare not speak the word, but we will one last time. He cursed your critters to belong to…NULL!

No longer will we have to put up with this Explorers! We’ve broken the curse over these creatures and they can now live the life they were always meant to live.

Next time you drop your critter in your home, you can happily watch them prance around, follow you, or tear up the furniture. And the best news of all, you can take them over to your buddy’s home! Critters are social creatures and display great happiness if you let them play with others. Give it a try next time you visit someone’s home.