hey guys...this is worth spending time on. I checked out the dizzywood explorers journal today.....and im on it!!!!!

It's slide 31....it has syler, me, and my "friend who is a boy" which is chillinrazer. LET IT SNOWWW!!

sry....I got too much sugar this morning.....BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!



The List of Missons in the Winter Holiday....so far!


1) the santa hat is located at the snowman in the presto's edge. The snowman is located, if you go on the bridge, and go a little down ( to the right). It's a special one, so you can actually click on it. You can as well get the toy solider hat there. If you are a gold member, you get additional free things.

2) The parcel for "Prestos lend a hand" misson is in tanglevine jungle.

3) Get free skates at a box near the skating "pond".

4) Build a snowman in presto's edge or farthings pond, and get a free snowman suit or holiday emote.

5) Snow Maze Keys at- 1) garden gazebo 2) skytown skatepark 3) explorers camp.

6) Play the Game "Jumper" with a girl( looks like Amelia). Reward-Snowbear

7) Some words for the misson "bouncing words" are goblin, unicorn, fairy...etc.

8) The spiders for the misson "salamander snack" are in Explorers Camp, Presto's edge and Garden Gazebo.



                               HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!