I am like SOOO bored today...and I was looking for excitement for today. So, I just noticed something is that, we are close to the Vallie Fashion Show!!

The Vallie fashion show is like a fashion contest, where participants dress best for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is Feb. 14, so I want all of you to get ready.

The Vallie Fashion Show has some game to it. You are going to pick atleast 2 items to wear. The maximum you can wear is 8, then we will give you 10 minutes to make the best outfit, which has to relate to Valentine's Day.

Here are the steps:
1. Get the clothes ready.
2. When we say "GO" (on dizzywood), you will make the best outfit possible using those clothes.
3. Take fashion photos, if you don't have one, I will tell you where it is.
4. Email it to
elsaworldz@yahoo.com. .
5, We will declare the winners afterwards!

The best fashion show dresses are something like red clothes, heart sunglasses, and all that!

What you need:
Some clothes from dizzywood (atleast 2 - maximum 8)
A fashion camera- if you don't have, I will help you find it.
Email of any sort ( hotmail, msn, yahoo, gmail...etc.)

This contest takes place: Where: Dizzywood Server: Breezy Time: 8:00 pm eastern time USA Date: Febuary, 13, 2009
Participate by email to elsaworldz@yahoo.com

Reward- A free dizzywood account with 3200 coins, one bunnycorn critter, and the free ability of zap!
I will tell you the password with email.

And the free account is going to be a

syler ( who is the manager for this contest).

And I will be putting a reminder on the Home page soon. If there is any additional information, I will email.