Thursday, March 26th

ok, so as you know, next week is SPRING BREAK!!! 4 me, elsaworldz, and chill. cant wait!!!! so, i just wanted to go ahead and update today, because tomorrow is going to be crazy, i doubt i have time to update. ok, so have you wondered when people write on desks saying "Hey girl ( or boy) look up!" yea, well, people in my school DO that everyday!! so, today i was going to social studies class, and i saw one of these "look up messages" on my desk. so, i DID look up ( 4 humilation that nothing was there) ......-------------->  and a bag of plastic spiders fell on me!! AHHHH!!

so, i thought they were REAL, but then my teacher rushed over to my desk, and said they are not real spiders. i really didnt want to believe her, since she was not my FAVORITE teacher. but yes, i DID believe her. my face was red, and people laughed at me like crazy!! and you know whats the WORST part? MY CRUSH LAUGHED TOO!! i was SOOO embarresed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well thx god, it was thursday, not friday since then that would ruin my spring break! i figured it was my "person who I dont get along with very well" or enemy.

well, im gonna go and listen to my ipod now, i need to calm down!


syler ~ as always~