A dizzywood journal....

Dear dizzywood journal....

Yeep. Elsaworldz has just invited me....ME to be in her own video of canal city!! I am SOOOO exicted!! We are going to make it in March 16th and we are going to post it on Youtube! How so very exicting! I have gone shopping today in the beach hut, because I have realized it is my favorite clothing shop. I just absoulety love the dresses! Yikes, I spend more than 5,000 dizzywood coins on only clothes! As you can see, I am a mall freak!

Even more than the video, I am even MORE exicted for the ACTUAL grand opening of Canal City! I mean, all the hard work, finally paid off! I can't wait to see the adventures of Canal City!!!

Oh my, I almost forgot! I have to renew my silver membership! Oh my, I better be going!

Syler ~who rocks your socks off~