A dizzywood journal

Dear dizzywood journal....

Oh wow! I haven't logged in dizzywood for a LONG TIME! It's so different! The clothing shops have been greatly re-modeled, and the canal city road is almost cleared,...WOW! I'm so exicted for Canal City!!!!

As you told you some days ago, we are doing the Canal City Video. We are going to post it on Youtube, so the whole world can see it!! La, la la..!!

Guess what!!!????? Chill is getting me and elsaworldz a suprise!! As you of course know Chill right...., well you probably saw him as Chillinrazer in dizzywood. He has been very quiet lately, so we went over to his dizzywood house and asked him why he was so quiet. He wouldn't tell us, so we begged. But he still wouldn't tell us, all he said is "it's a suprise!". Then, he had to leave for a misson, so we also had to leave.

So....what do YOU think it is gonna be? Me? Well, I think it might be somethin' like a party or he might give us a gift...ro SOMETHING! But, whatver it is, i'm sure me and elsaworldz will like it, since Chill is awesome!

Well, gotta go, got rehersal for the video....BYE!!

syler -who rocks your chicken pocks off!