hey! More fan mails....coming your way!

Nice2much says "Hi, elsaworldz, how can I be a worker here?"
"Please visit my about me page for rules, and where to apply"

hi5 says "What things can I get from the snowman, if I am a gold member?"
"You can get 2 gold member things, which is a reindeer nose and a reindeer antlers." "You can also get 2 regular things which is a santa hat and a toy solider hat."

Ciara says "Elsaworldz, what do you do to get coins in dizzywood?"
"I go and mine in the elder mein mines &get blue exiler and then sell them to the cloud sprite for 60 coins each." I get money( blue exiler) and get the chance to save crystal critters."

Jig says "How can I meet you in dizzywood?"
"I go on Wobbly or Snazzy a lot. I mostly go 8:00 in the night ( eastern time).

Ourworld girl says "Do you ever go on OurWorld?"
"Yep...a lot!" "Check me out, I am too elsaworldz on ourworld." "You can always send me a friend invition if you see me, if I say no, I'm probably away from the computer."

And that's all for today! c ya !